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Hey beautiful soul,

Welcome to the fun, the abundant world of contagious energy exchange. I am so grateful you're here. "The Petite Beast" started when I first began my fitness journey in the Fall of 2018. I thought I was meant to be a lean, mean, body builder.. "that fitness gal" that films and put it on IG, then 2020 opened my eyes I decided to flip my world upside down. I walked away from the ego fitness world, power position management job, long term relationships, toxic friendships and decided to go within myself to discover who I am at the root of my soul and why I came back to Earth in this lifetime. 

I've spent the last three years planting seeds, taking care of my mind, body, soul and spirits. Non-stop inner work but now I am ready to share my love and knowledge to you, the Universe. Certified as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner and medium.. (someone who talks to the other side!)

I welcome you with open arms into this community of abundant love and admiration for your souls growth and evolution. 

I am a lover of everything from the spiritual world, guided by my spirit team with strong ancestral roots dating all the way back to Laos and Thailand.


My soul chose Canada however, I have a desire for coffees, pastries, history, art and all the romantic unseen mysteries of this world.

I can't wait to meet you all, near and far!


xo - The Petite Beast, Jenny 



What are you thinking? 

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